Brighton, MI Landscape Design

landscape design

A well designed landscape is functional, easy to maintain, environmentally sound, cost-effective, and visually pleasing. Landscape design encompasses both the aesthetic and practical aspects. Professional landscape design teams utilize a variety of principles for creating a viable landscape design. 3D Design Group is highly experienced in providing Brighton, MI area landscape designs based on these principles.

Principles of Landscape Design

  • Unity - Repetition, connections, and focal points are used to tie the aspects of the landscape together to express a consistent theme or overlying style.
  • Simplicity & Variety - "Less is more" A careful balance of limiting, repeating, and varying colors, forms, textures, or specific plants to avoid both clutter and monotony.
  • Balance - Provides a sense of equality and equilibrium
    • Symmetrical Balance - Mirror images, provides a sense of stability, dignity, and formality
    • Asymmetrical Balance - Equal but different, offers a feeling of movement, and stability while appearing more natural
  • Color - Adds dimension and interest. Appropriate colors draw your eye while color schemes evoke moods and feelings.
  • Scale/Proportion - The size of the elements in the landscape in relation to each other and to the size of the landscape.

The landscape designers at 3D Design Group utilize these principles in all aspects of the design process to create Brighton, MI area landscapes that are both a work of art and functional. Contact us today to discuss your landscaping project.