Landscape Architect


Much like architectural drawings are to the home building process, a landscape design is important to the overall look and feel of the exterior of your most valuable asset, your home. In addition to gathering personal preferences from you, our experienced and professional Brighton, MI landscape architects and designers will take into consideration other important factors such as; architectural controls, elevations, space planning, drainage, easement locations, property boundaries and traffic patterns.

The data is entered in our computer system and when complete, we will deliver to you a drawing created by our experienced and talented landscape architects that is specifically designed for you and your home. Completed "to scale," the drawing will help your designer arrive at a precise plan for accurate material quantities, installation techniques, and future planning. This detailed process will help you to see how the project will take shape and what it will look like when it is completed.

Whether you choose to do an entire project or to work in phases, the team at 3D Design Group is ready to assist you! Our professionalism and attention to detail is what separates 3D Design Group from others in our industry. Contact us today to meet with one of our expert landscape architects in the Brighton, MI area.