New Construction Landscape Design

Landscaped grass

You've built your dream home, now all you need is new construction landscape design to create the beautiful outdoor environment to compliment and enhance your home.

Our new construction landscape design services include all aspects of the designing, planning, and construction phases.

  • Designing Phase - Address a variety of issues including purpose of landscape; desired look, feel or theme; factors that may affect the type of plants and structures to be used
  • Planning Phase - Proposal plans are developed to show a layout of the proposed plants and flowers, walkways, water features, or other construction
  • Constructiion Phase - The actual planting and installation of all landscape components

3D Design Group's team of landscape architects have the experience and training to help you achieve the stunning landscape you want for entertaining friends and family; spending relaxing time; or enhancing your home. Contact us today to learn more about our new construction landscape design services.