Plant and Tree Planning

Plants and trees

Quality is what we strive for in hand picking each tree and plant we install in our Brighton, MI area landscaping projects. Finding the right character and proportion to complete the landscape design is our focus. There a variety of things to consider when plant and tree planning for a landscape including:

  • Climate - Typical temperature ranges and average rainfall per year make a huge impact on the types of plants and trees that will grow and thrive in your location.
  • Soil - Acidity, alkalinity, sand content, clay content, minerals, and bacteria levels all play an important part in what types of plants and trees will flourish.
  • Sunlight - The amount of sunlight exposure is critical for choosing the correct plants and trees.
  • Placement - The plant or tree's size at maturity as well as its proximity to buildings, streets, septic systems, utility lines, and other landscaping features is also vital to its development.
  • Function - Do you want blossoming plants or trees, or are you looking for fruit bearing species? Do you want to attract butterflies, birds, or other wildlife? You must pick the right tree or plant to meet your needs.
  • Seasonal aspects - Some trees and plants provide year round color, while other bloom during specific seasons. A balance of seasonal plants and trees will ensure that your landscape looks lovely all year long.
  • Landscaping themes - A well designed landscape utilizes colors, textures, and other aspects to create a theme that provides a sense of unity and completeness.

Technique, as well as growth stimulation, are part of our guaranteed success for the living designs you will enjoy for years to come. We have a unique situation as we are partnered with our very own garden center, Grasshopper Gardens. This allows us to directly pass along huge savings to all of our clients through our direct buying program.

Choosing the best plants and tree planning is crucial to developing the beautiful and successful landscape you desire. Contact us today to discuss your Brighton, MI area plant and tree planning needs.