Sod Installation

Landscaped sod

Everyone wants to have a yard full of lush green grass. Not only does healthy grass provide your landscaping with a finished look, it also creates an inviting outdoor living space for entertaining friends and family.

New Construction Sod Installation

With our lawn installation services, you don't have to wait for your grass to grow or spend months dealing with patchy and sparse grass. We have extensive experience in providing professional sod installation at new construction sites. You have your dream home, now get the lawn of your dreams as well with high-quality sod installation.

Existing Lawns

We can provide sod installation in existing lawns. We offer complete removal and replacement of your lawn with our superior sod, as well as services that focus on replacing the sod in trouble spots. Restore your lawn to its full glory with sod that will provide you with the best looking lawn possible.

Our Brighton, MI Sod Installtion Service

  • Preperation - We properly prepare the soil by removing weeds, debris, and grass and ensuring that the proper fertilizer is in place.
  • Laying & Cutting - We properly lay and cut the sod, as needed, to fit around current landscaping, planters, walkways, and driveways.
  • Rolling - We ensure that the sod is rolled properly to attain the best contact with the soil, as well as creating tight seams to avoid any gaps.

We are your source for professional sod installation for new construction and existing lawns. Contact us today to learn more.