Water Features

Backyard waterfall

Whether you have limited space or a large area to work with, we can create a gorgeous water feature that will compliment your landscaping and architecture. Our landscape architects expertly design water features of all types and sizes to best complement your unique landscape while meeting your goals.

Types of Brighton, MI Water Features

  • Waterfalls - Beautiful views, tranquil sounds, and relaxing views encapsulate the experience of a backyard waterfall. Our waterfalls are designed to meet your particular landscape and goals and are available in attached pond and pondless styles.
  • Ponds - The most versatile of all the water feature types, we can create a pond to meet and exceed your dreams. We offer ponds of every size, in a complete range of styles from elegant and formal ponds to natural looking wildlife ponds.
  • Water Fountains - Our water fountains are available as stand-alone additions to your landscape or as part of your pond or waterfall. Water fountains add both visual and auditory elements to enhance your outdoor living area.

Brighton, MI Water Feature Benefits

Professsionally designed and installed water features offer homeowners a variety of benefits, including:

  • Increased Property Value - High-quality landscaping improves the curb appeal of your home, and in turn, the value of your property. Our Brighton, MI water features are a way to truly make your property stand out. Water features not only improve the aesthetic appearance of your property, they also help create ambient sounds that can drown out the noise created by traffic and neighbors.
  • Theraputic Effect - More than just a beautiful addition to your landscaping, water features have been linked with a variety of health and wellness benefits, including improved relaxation; stress and anxiety reduction; and lowered blood pressure.
  • Outdoor Living Space - Water features provide homeowners and their families with an outdoor living space where they can spend quality time together enjoying their yards and property.
  • Aesthetic Appeal - Our water features can revitalize and add interest to any landscape. From simple water gardens and koi ponds to majestic waterfalls leading to elegant ponds, our water features provide a stunning backdrop or focal point for your landscape.

3D Design Group has the extensive experience needed to design water features that not only look amazing, but also function well within your specific landscape. Contact us today to make your Brighton, MI water feature dreams a reality.