Pond Installation


Water features produce soothing sights and sounds that are known to help reduce stress. Imagine sitting in your own backyard listening to the sounds of water lapping while the sunset glistens off the calm ripples. Create this tranquil, peaceful, and relaxing environment with a beautiful garden pond installation at your Brighton, MI area property.

Our garden ponds can be custom created to suit any landscape on any budget. A water feature, whether big or small, can transform your ordinary landscape into an extraordinary oasis! Ponds are a low maintenance water feature that makes a lovely focal point in your landscape or a family friendly gathering spot.

Types of Garden Ponds

  • Formal ponds
  • Water gardens
  • Koi ponds
  • Wildlife ponds
  • Waterfall ponds

3D Design Group’s team of talented and skilled landscapers and designers can design the ultimate garden pond installation to make your landscaping dreams a reality. Contact us today to discuss creating a garden pond in Brighton, MI and the surrounding neighborhoods.