Water Fountain Installation

Water fountain

Water fountains are a popular water feature for many different landscapes. Our Brighton, MI water fountain installations offer a whimsical aspect to your landscape.

Our Brighton, MI Water Fountains

Self-Contained Water Fountains - We offer a variety of water fountains that can be installed nearly anywhere on your property. This type of water fountain can vary in size from a simple table top unit to a large free standing fountain. Stand-alone water fountains are available in many different styles to best compliment and enhance your landscape, architecture, and outdoor decor. We carry fountains that are sleek and modern, classic and traditional, and everything in between.

Pond Water Fountains - The best of both worlds, a pond fountain combines the peaceful tranquility of a pond with the visual and auditory appeal of a fountain. This type of fountain can feature a physical fountain that is visible or only show the playful spray of water. We can install fountains within an existing pond or create a new water feature to showcase your vision.

Wall Fountains - Ideal for courtyards and small spaces, wall fountains require a smaller footprint than other styles of fountains. Wall water fountain installations include a basin, a spout or mask, a pump, and internal tubing. We offer wall fountains that are mounted onto an existing wall and styles that are free standing.

Tiered Fountains - A classic choice that has been popular for both private and public gardens throughout history. Available in contemporary designs and ornate styles, tired fountains are a gorgeous focal point.

Small or large, 3D Design Group is your source for stunning water fountain installations. Contact us now to learn more about our Brighton, MI water fountain installation options.