Waterfall Installation


Waterfalls create a sense of majesty and tranquility. Enjoy the sounds of babbling water as it cascades over rocks with a waterfall installation in your backyard. Our talented designers can create a one of a kind waterfall, in the Brighton, MI area, based on your unique landscape and preferences. Your waterfall will compliment and enhance your landscape while increasing your home's value. Our waterfall installations can be custom created to suit any landscape on any budget. A water feature, whether big or small, can transform your ordinary landscape into an extraordinary oasis!

Tpes of Waterfalls

  • Attached pond
    • Waterfalls with attached ponds use a pump to raise water from the attached pond to the top of the waterfall, where it flows down and returns to the pond.
  • Pondless
    • Waterfalls without a pond utilizes a pump to raise water from a water reservoir that is hidden or buried beneath a gravel bed. Typically the water returns to the base, filters through the gravel, and returns to the reservoir.

3D Design Group’s team of talented and skilled landscapers and designers can design the ultimate garden waterfall installation to make your landscaping dreams a reality. Contact us today to discuss creating your garden waterfall in the Brighton, MI area.