Landscape Drainage

Landscape drainage

A well designed and implemented drainage system is needed to protect plants and structures from damages caused by the collection of excess water. Without good drainage, your landscape can turn into a swampy mess. At 3D Design Group we have the experience needed to solve a variety of landscape drainage issues including:

  • Surface water
    • Clay rich soil often causes surface water issues. We use a variety of solutions to provide adequate drainage including creating grades and French drains.
  • Hardpan
    • When there is a solid impervious layer blocking drainage, a site-wide grading and draining plan with an underground pipe system is required.
  • High water table
    • To combat a high water table you can either use plants that thrive in water or raise the planting areas and beds.

3D Design Group is dedicated to designing drainage plans that will solve your landscape drainage issues. Contact us today to learn more.