Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting

Lit up home

Quality of light has a great impact on comfort levels. Low voltage outdoor lights help to define the forms, architecture, and textures of your landscape. Proper lighting can induce a variety of feelings from ease to exhilaration. The outdoor lighting specialist at 3D Design Group recognizes this and will create a scene where you, the viewer, is an active participant. Coming home to a beautifully illuminated home will enhance your sense of arrival for you as well as your guests.

Our Brighton, MI area clients have found that low voltage outdoor lighting is ideal for driveways, sidewalks, paths, fences, steps, and entrances, as well for highlighting ponds, waterfalls, trees, and plants.

Benefits of Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting

  • Economical
    • Low voltage lights use approximately 1/3 of the power needed for standard lighting.
  • Visibility
    • Low voltage lights, when placed appropriately, provide even illumination, creating less shadows. Better visibility deters crime and makes navigation of property safer.
  • Extended use of property
    • Proper lighting allows you to enjoy your yard during the dark. Pools, patios, paths, and more are illuminated, making for increased enjoyment.
  • Appearance
    • Highlight features and structures in your landscape to create a beautiful view, increasing curb appeal.
  • Eco Friendly
    • Low voltage outdoor lighting does not have the environmentally unfriendly Mercury found in high voltage bulbs.

Paint the night with professional landscape lighting from 3-D Design Group to create comfort and security for your family. Contact us today to discuss your low voltage outdoor lighting needs for properties in Brighton, MI and the surrounding areas.